Garage Additions

Attached garage additions can be built to add more living space to your house or your current garage. In addition to giving you square footage and adding more rooms, attached garage additions and detached garage barns can also increase the value of your home. We believe it is essential to plan and add to your garage because this will be a decision you will probably have to live with for many years.

In addition, parking spaces are at a premium in today's world, so adding on to your garage can be an excellent option for those who want more room. Whether you want to add more living space to your existing backyard or new addition, our garage building contractors will provide you with a free consultation and estimate to create the perfect home for you and your family.

The features of this service include:

  • Attached or Detached Garage Barns
  • Garage Workshop Additions
  • Carport additions
  • Retrofits for existing garages
  • Sliding doors for garages
  • Add a Built-In Bathroom to your garage.
  • Add a porch to your garage.
  • Add on wall, deck or patio.
  • Garage makeovers and renovations.
  • Custom garages

These are great for your garage and making it a full-fledged bedroom or workspace. Because of this, you can keep your existing garage free and ready for use. In addition, you will also be able to add on a bathroom and the perfect porch, porch stairs or a wall designed for you.

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